Monday, July 27, 2009

That's why golf is so great!

So as many of you know and follow the PGA you probably saw Tom Watson lose the British Open. It was unfortunate because how could you NOT route for him. I mean he was the quintessential underdog and he came up one putt short of winning an incredible 6 British Opens. With Greg Norman coming up short last year and now Watson so close to winning one, at their ages, it seems like just a matter of time before one of the old-schoolers breaks through and win one! It's exciting to see that these guys still have flashes of brilliance when it comes to competing with the new generation of golfers. These days it's all about the long ball and having flashy clothes and basically being a celebrity. Don't get me wrong. I love Tiger and what he's done for the game. He's opened so many doors for the game of golf. Not just on the pro level but mainly for the amateur golfer. How many people are playing this great game today because of Tiger alone? But I digress! The point is Tom Watson and Greg Norman have rekindled a fire under the old school guys and it's a breath of fresh air. I like the fact that they aren't being forgotten and they are still making a name for themselves so that the younger generation of golfers will know that Tiger shouldn't be the only one they can look up to. Maybe if we're lucky we'll see more of the same in the coming majors. How great would it be to see Fred Funk or Tom Kite win a major at their age? As long as you have the fire, the passion, and the health you can play this game until you're 100 which is why golf is so great!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shot a 74!!

Ok, so the title reflects today's round. Too bad it wasn't on a par 72. This 74 breaks down to 15 over on the par 59 Cub Course. Not great but not terrible. It could've been 7 shots better but I had 2 blowup holes as well as 3-putted 2 other holes. Who knew snowmen exist in the desert? Well, they do and mine came on the par 4 7th. First tee shot went right into a canal of sorts. I can't tell what could possibly flow down this canal but I drove one straight into it. Second tee shot also right into the canal. Two drops later, I'm 2-putting for the dreaded snowman! Shooting an 8 couldn't have possibly been my fault though!! I mean I have the perfect swing! Oh wait, I'm not actually playing TW Golf cause life would be so much easier if it were like video games!! Anyway, back to reality. Once we turned the corner things picked up a little. I stuck a sand wedge about 4 feet short on one of the shorter holes (81 yds) and managed to 1-putt for birdie. I turn right around and triple the very next hole completely wiping out my highlight of the day. By the way, that was blowup #2. The good news is I parred 6 holes in all so things were positive for the most part.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The First Blog!

Well, this is the first official post of 'The Weekend Hacker'! It's exciting considering that I've never blogged before. I went to the driving range today and I had a decent day. My biggest issue was a fly attacking me on the putting green!! Not only was it attacking me on the green but it followed me over to the range itself. It drove me nuts because it seemed like I was the only one with a "heckler" bothering me. It was constantly buzzing my head like a WWII dive bomber. No one else there seemed to be having any issues so I guess I was special! Arizona cooled down for at least one day with a decent shower the night before so things weren't quite as sizzling but it was hot nonetheless hovering around 95. Anyway, golf is a fickle sport even on the range. I'm actually playing tomorrow so we'll see if anything good I did on the range will carry over. It's a par 59 at Bear Creek on the Cub Course. I will reluctantly post my score afterwards.